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​​​​​​RAC Program Management and Quality Task Force (PM&Q)​

​​This task force will actively monitor, support, and encourage methods and practices designed to improve the management and quality of transportation research programs and projects including but not limited to determining practices that support and enhance the identification and implementation of research needs by RAC membership and other AASHTO Committees; facilitate the dissemination and exchange of information and experiences among RAC members; recommend practices that enhance identified quality indicators to RAC leadership; serve as an advocate for the use and continued improvement of research management tools such as Transportation Research International Documentation (TRID), Research in Progress (RiP), the Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) website, transportation knowledge networks, TLCat/OCLC, and the Transportation Research Thesaurus (TRT); and shall make recommendations for new tools as need dictates. 

For an up-to-date meeting schedule or meeting documents, please visit the Research Program and Project Management (RPPM) website. You must be a registered user in order to post content on the calendar.



Active and Ongoing Projects


  • Technical review: NCHRP Implementation Products summary (CTC & Assoc.; spring 2014)
  • Liaison: Research Implementation Facilitators group (Jan.-July 2014)
  • Goal: Expand scope of Implementation subgroup (e.g. SHRP-2 products)

Website Development

  • Tracking: support for RPM website hosting
  • Proposed edits: TPF website (date)
  • Assistance: RPPM website migration
  • Goal: Confirm ongoing support of RPM website

Intellectual Property (IP)

  •  Technical review: NCHRP 20-89 draft (7/2014)
  • Recommendation: publish guidelines (same)
  • Goal: Plan TRB workshop re: NCHRP 20-89 products

Research Problem Identification Practices

  • Survey of state DOT research units: completed
  • Goal: Complete Research Problem Identification Practices white paper

National Activities

  • Technical input: Ahead of the Curve objectives and course content (1/2014)
  • Funding OK: peer exchange review (7/2014)
  •  Panel support: Research 101 training for FHWA division research contacts (spring 2014)
  •  Goals: Continue support for AOTC, Research 101; initiate peer exchange review


The primary objectives and underlying goals of the PM&Q task force are related to the role of RAC and SCOR in the following major topical areas:

1)  Balance of Research Activities

a)  Basic (including advanced, high risk) vs. Applied

b)  Quick-Hit vs. Long Term

c)  Highways vs. Other modes

2)  Alignment with National Research Agenda

a)  Complement work of Coordination/Collaboration TG

b)  Strategic Needs

c)  Priorities

3)  Administration/Management of State RD&T Programs

a)  Performance Measures. Complement work of Value of Research TG

b)  TRIS/RiP/TPF/TRT etc.

c)  Quality of Research (including doing research right & researching the right things)

4)  Cooperative Research Programs

a)  Procedures

b)  Policies

c)  Efficiencies

d)  Priorities (e.g. AASHTO committees)

e)  Appropriate use of CRP programs & funds


Subgroup Activities and Publications

Updated TRB 2012 Intellectual Property Workshop Summary (5/18/12) (42 Kb)

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