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About SCOR and RAC

​About SCOR

The Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) acts as AASHTO's driving force for high-quality transportation research and innovation to improve the nation’s mobility of people and goods. Its mission is to support AASHTO and the transportation community by delivering strategic, high-quality research results while addressing development, technology transfer, and implementation. For more information, read the New Member Guide.

About RAC

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) to the AASHTO Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) supports the activities of SCOR and is committed to being a proactive committee promoting quality and excellence in research and in the application of research findings to improve state transportation systems. Each AASHTO Member Department is represented on RAC. For more information, read the New Member Guide.

About_guide.pngSCOR New Member Guide
About_roster.pngSCOR Roster
About_strategy.png SCOR Strategic Plan

About_roster.png SCOR Mission Statement
About_strategy.pngSCOR Responsibilities

About_guide.png RAC New Member Guide
About_roster.pngRAC R​oster
About_webinar.pngRAC 101 Webinar
About_ppt.pngRAC 101 Presentation
About_ops.pngRAC Operating Guidelines
About_mission.pngRAC Mission Statement
About_responsible.pngRegional RAC Page
About_responsible.pngRAC Responsibilities

Mentoring Program

Allows new members to connect with more experienced  members.


List of acronyms in the world of transportation research. Also visit USDOT's Transportation Dictionary.

Listserv Etiquettes

Review the guidelines on when and how to use RAC emailing listservs.

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