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​Peer Exchange Activities


In an effort to share information on state peer exchange activities, this page provides information on peer exchange activities based on the following categories:

Scheduled: The peer exchange session is set with firm dates, topics selected, location and format (virtual or in-person) decided, as well as participants selected or close to being finalized.

Planning Stage: The peer exchange session has been identified to take place within 6-12 months, possible topics have been identified, possible list of participants have been discussed.

Early Planning Stage: A decision has been made to host a peer exchange within the next 12-24 months. No ideas on topics or participants other than, "we need to hold a peer exchange" at some point within the next two years.

To forward any peer exchange information that you have, email it to Natassja Linzau, Web Manager of SCOR/RAC Website.

Scheduled Peer Exchanges

March 8-9, 2017:
Host - Ohio DOT Research Section

Location: Ohio DOT offices in Columbus, OH
Format: in person
Iowa DOT
Minnesota DOT

  • ORIL - Ohio's Research Initiative for Locals
  • Prioritization and Selection
  • Implementing Results

Facilitator: None

Other: Peer exchange is in SPR2 Work Program.

Contact: Michelle Lucas​


Planning Stage

Illinois DOT:
Contact - Megan Swanson
Timeframe - Summer 2017
Location - Springfield, IL
Format - in-person
Topic: Research Project and Program Management
Pooled Fund used - Yes
- Facilitator used as included in work with pooled fund.
- Peer exchange in SPR2 Work Porgram only as pooled fund, not specifically called out.

Montana DOT:

Contact - Sue Sillick
Timeframe - Summer 2017
Topics: Implementation and Research Performance Measures

Early Planning Stage

Connecticut DOT:
Contact - Bradley Overturf
Timeframe - TBD
Topics: Implementation/Deployment of Results/Tech Transfer