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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​RAC Task Forces


R​AC task forces are made up of volunteers and members of RAC. Each task force develops their own agenda based on the RAC's missions and goals. Hover over each box to view a general description of the purpose of that task force. For specific description​ and information on Products and Projects associated with each task force, click on the image. Quick links are provided for easy access to each group's member list and meeting minutes. 

View RPPM Calendar.  ​ List of all task force members.

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Meeting Minutes
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PM&Q TF Members
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VoR TF Members
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Website Working Group

A working group under the Administration Task Force that is responsible for the content and oversight of the SCOR/RAC website. View Meeting Minutes and Members list.

Disbanded and Currently Inactive Task Forces


Typically this task force will review, observe, and encourage the effective use of research funding; promote appropriate funding reviews and plans as directed by the AASHTO SCOR; serve as a coordinating committee and advocate for Member Department research funding questions and issues; actively monitor and encourage new methods and innovative practices designed to enhance transportation research funding effectiveness including but not limited to modal partnerships and relationships with transportation research interests both within the U.S. and abroad; and facilitate dissemination and exchange of information and experiences among RAC members. 

Peer Exchange

This is a Special Task Force formed to examine the current Peer Exchange program and determine if additional documentation, clarification or improvements to the program are necessary. ​​​