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Title: Electronic NEPA Management System
Date of Survey: 1/19/2016
Survey Detail/Results: The State of Alaska is moving toward full NEPA assignment. In preparation of this, we are interested in learning more about other states electronic NEPA management system.

Do you currently have an Electronic environmental tracking system (spreadsheet, or management tracking tool) or a Electronic NEPA processing system (NEPA document preparation using a database) do either of these GIS database in support of NEPA tracking or document preparation.

If you answered yes to any part of the statement above please provide me with a name and contact information for us to contact or answer the questions below.

Organization Structure
1. Does the state have 326 or 327 (NEPA) assignment for FHWA projects?
2. Is their environmental process centralized?
3. How many environmental staff do they have?
4. What size is their highway program?
a. In dollars?
b. In number and type of environmental documents processed? CEs, EAs EIS
Description of the electronic system
5. How long has the system been in use?
6. Was there a system in place prior to this system?
a. If yes, why was it replaced with the current system?
7. For tracking:
a. What information is tracked?
b. Is it used for reporting?
c. Is it accessible to FHWA?
8. For NEPA processing
a. What data is stored?
b. Is the system accessible to FHWA?
c. Does it utilize electronic approvals (signatures)?
9. For GIS in support of NEPA
a. What information is available?
b. How is it accessed?
c. How is the information maintained?
10. What are the system’s electronic requirements?
a. Is it an “off the shelf” or custom designed system?
b. How long was it between inception and implementation of the system?
c. What is the operating platform?
d. What are the hardware and software requirements?
e. How many staff positions are required to maintain the system?
i. What are their positions?
ii. Are they within the environmental group or IT group?
11. Integration with other databases?
a. What other databases does the system download information from?
b. Does the system upload to other systems?
c. Is the system stand-alone or a component of a larger system?
What is the state’s /user’s view of the system?
12. What are the system’s pros and cons?
13. How many users does the system have?
14. Do the users find the system easy to use?

Survey results are available in the following document(s):
Contact Information: This survey was conducted by Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
Carolyn Morehouse
Statewide Design & Engineering Services
3132 Channel Dr.
Juneau, Alaska 99811
United States
Phone: 907-865-8140
E-Mail Address: