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Title: State Regulations for the Revocation of Outdoor Advertising Permits
Date of Survey: 9/27/2016
Survey Detail/Results: The New Jersey Department of Transportation is interested in learning what other State regulations specify as the deadline for revoking outdoor advertising permits, when there is a failure to construct the outdoor advertising structure.

Please forward the survey below to the appropriate person in your department responsible for outdoor advertising permits.

We will compile the results and post them to the AASHTO-RAC website.

Please e-mail all survey responses to by Thursday, October 13th, 2016.

In accordance with the description of outdoor advertising signs, displays and devises as set forth in 23 USC section 131 (more commonly known as “billboards”), please answer the following questions and provide a copy/link to actual regulation(if appropriate):

1. Do your State regulations provide for the revocation of outdoor advertising permits when there is a failure to construct the outdoor advertising structure within a certain date of issuance of the outdoor advertising permit (or other deadline duration)?

2. What is that period before the permit is revoked (in months/years)?

Survey results are available in the following document(s):
Contact Information: This survey was conducted by New Jersey DOT
Camille Crichton-Sumners
Manager, Bureau of Research
1035 Parkway Avenue
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
United States
Phone: 609-530-5966
E-Mail Address: