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Title: Improving Wing Plow Visibility
Date of Survey: 1/25/2017
Survey Detail/Results: The purpose of this survey was to provide UDOT with quick input on a snowplow safety issue.

Utah DOT leaders were very concerned about improving the visibility of the Wing Plow on snowplows. It is anticipated that if we can improve the visibility of the Wing Plow, then we can reduce the number and severity of crashes involving snowplows. Currently we do use a white light shining from the plow truck onto the Wing Plow, and we also use some LEDs on the Wing Plow itself. We do have some information from Michigan on their use of a retractable, lighted mast arm to make the Wing Plow more visible.

Does your agency have some special equipment or best practices for making the Wing Plow more visible? If so, please send a description, photos (if available), and contact information.

Survey results are available in the following document(s):
Contact Information: This survey was conducted by Utah DOT
Mr. David Stevens
Project Manager
Utah DOT Research Division
4501 South 2700 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119
United States
Phone: 801-589-8340
E-Mail Address: