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Title: Organizational Structure of Field Construction Personnel
Date of Survey: 5/9/2017
Survey Detail/Results: The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) sought information regarding organizational structure of field construction personnel administering department construction contracts.

Specifically, MDT wanted information on:

• Individual crew composition
• Management structure of field construction crews
• In-house vs. consultant supplied personnel
• Duties
• Number of crews
• The number of projects managed

If available, please provide organizational charts, web page links and a contact person for follow-up questions. This survey will most likely relate to those in Engineering/Construction.

Survey results are available in the following document(s):
Contact Information: This survey was conducted by Montana DOT
Kris Christensen
Research Engineer
MDT Research Programs
2701 Prospect Ave.
Helena, Montana 59620
United States
Phone: (406) 444-6125
E-Mail Address: